​I was invited to an interview with an early education center this week and I had a meta experience of watching myself contort and twist myself to fit the open roles. 

I had asked what positions are open and there’s a flex substitute role, assistant teacher and lead teacher. The lead teacher plans and creates curriculum and develops relationships with families, while the other two roles do the rest: diaper changing and watching over children. 

I was asked the typical questions of :

-  Why did you apply to this role? 

-  what makes you passionate about children?

- what would you do if a child gets hurt?

-  WWYD if two kids were fighting?

-  are you okay with a 7 am start time?

-  are you ok with a full time schedule? (While drinking coffee and having a stained set of teeth)

And the kicker - are you okay with changing diapers?


My response: I’m planning on having kids soon, so I should be okay with changing diaper. 

Do we get gloves?

And the whole