Elevate your ________.

​I was told to elevate my wardrobe as a salesperson at a retail company recently. My direct supervisor said “there have been customers who complained about your wardrobe- wearing leggings and beanie. Plus the store manager also doesn’t like when her employees wear beanies… ”. 

I shared this with my mom after stewing in thoughts for a week and she told me that I need to elevate my employment and pointed at how I have a Bachelor’s degree and most of these incidents happen when those who are supervising you haven’t accomplished as much as you. 

I learned from a mentor that people are jealous of you for things that you are, for things that you have, for how others treat and see you and many other things that you might not believe warrants jealousy from others. You have to always keep that fact of human nature in mind as you’re navigating the waters of life. 

Samri Bliss