​The topic is black women’s treatment at the workplace.

I worked at retail in Seattle for 4 days total and I was able to see how black women are treated differently. 

One black woman who I was paired with at the cashier’s went on a lunch break and never came back. 

Everything seemed fine beforehand. 

The last time we spoke, I asked if her platform shoes are comfortable and she said yes. I asked since we aren’t allowed to sit during our work hours. My feet are always sore after not being able to rest for 4 hours straight. No matter the race of the supervisor, they embody a slave driver. 

There was a lot of surveillance and micromanagement. 

Whenever a black person is doing anything other than being torn apart from task to task, the managers are uneasy. I was having small talk with a new worker (white woman) when a hispanic/south East Asian woman supervisor said to stop talking and start working on straightening things around the store. She wouldn’t have said that to us if both of the chatters were non-black.