The Great Betrayal

​what could possibly be the great betrayal, you ask.

It is what caused the mother wound and the rift within the psyche of blackness and humanity itself.

The black mother giving the core being/identity of blackness over to her son instead of keeping it with her image- her daughter.

Colorism is just one of the side effects of that great rift. The Black Mother expects to be worshiped and adored by her sons and in order to get their love, she keeps sacrificing the self esteem of her daughters at the altar of his ego.

The black man goes out and tastes the rainbow while making sure the black woman stays home to maintain blackness. She somehow needs to keep up her self esteem without being edified by the men who come from her womb. 

The black man chooses the lightest and weakest iteration of Her. And she stays home to protect blackness. 

The black man uses his talents to uplift the image of Her opponents while She stays home to protect blackness. 

After hearing the music that does not edify Her and the sacrificial table stays empty for hundreds of years, She decides to leave home and protect herself and her daughters instead!

Samri Bliss