I watched through 2 seasons of BEASTARS and it was a trip. 

I felt like I was watching the shadow coming to the light. The things that were hidden away from girls and women are finally being revealed to us. Those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear, let them watch and pay attention!


SPOILERS ahead!!

There's multiple archetypes of men that result from how they deal with their shadows. There's also multiple archetypes of women and their shadows. I'm a cis gendered black woman and the shadows of the female characters were more familiar to me than the male character shadows. 

I am nonetheless grateful for the revelations of the male shadows and the evolution of their archetypes (even when the extremes are depicted) 

 The first scene shows an alpaca running while hurt and his life ending. Then we meet the main character who's a grey wolf. The setting is at a co-ed and interspecies high school [in Japan].